Tween Time This Sunday at 9 am

Tween Time is for students in the fifth through eighth grades. We meet in the Youth Room at 9:00. Most people know that Easter happens once a year. But do you know that in these 50 days of Easter, celebrating what Jesus has done for us, we are invited to recognize Jesus standing beside us. What is he calling us to do? Perhaps we can train our eyes to look in the direction that this Jesus, standing beside us is looking. What might he be looking at? Do we dare follow where he is leading? Can we notice and honor the various ways Jesus “appears” to people?

This week we will work on a craft that summarizes what was accomplished in the 50 days Jesus was on Earth after his resurrection. After all, Christians are known as the Easter people. So let’s learn as much as we can about what happened in those 50 days of Easter!

Our game will be the Easter Balloon Race. How much air can you blow into a balloon without popping it? The better you can do, the better your team’s chances of winning this relay!

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