Pentecost Art Meditation Project

The Spiritual Formation Team invites you to a time of artistic reflection on Pentecost. For the next few weeks we will send out a scripture, story, or image for you to reflect on. June 3 from 11-5 we will share what we have created at our first Pentecost Art Show and Open Mic. We invite everyone to participate in reflection in their own unique ways including but not limited to painting, writing, singing, dancing, sculpture, or any way your gifts lead you. If you would like to not receive these reflections, please let Melanie know at

Art and spirituality are intrinsically linked. Stained glass windows tell the stories of our faith as do religious frescoes and sculptures. Many of us find ourselves best when we create. Some of us use images. Others words. Still others movement or music. When we seek the Divine through the arts we experience a different aspect, maybe even a different dimension, of the sacred.

Talent does not have to limit this experience. While I can work my way around a song, when it comes to painting I am not a natural. I have less talent and more interest. Still, I enjoy painting and drawing as a way to access a different part of my meditative powers.

We hope that you will take the next couple weeks experimenting with this kind of meditation if it is new to you. If this is the form your meditation naturally takes, then we hope you allow yourself the opportunity to flow with your gifts and talents.

Saturday, June 3rd, we will get together to share our meditations. They may be complete and beautiful. They may be half finished … works in progress.


Here is this week’s meditation on Pentecost.

     It is evening. Imagine yourself after the thralls of the Holy Spirit descending have subsided. You are alone in your favorite place. Quietly you begin to pray. You ask God if the day was real or was it a dream. When the Holy Spirit descended you saw some in ecstasy dancing around and speaking in languages they could never have known on their own. Others you saw quiet. Still. Almost rooted to the earth itself and at the same time appearing to reach beyond the stars. You had your own experience. While everyone was touched by the same God, and sometimes the appearance of the experience looked similar, still, when it was all done, no one felt the same thing. Now, in the soft cool breeze of the evening, you wonder … what’s next? And why? Why did God bring this to us?

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