Holy Week Schedule 2015

Palm Sunday- Sunday, March 29 ~ 10:00 am

This service tells the story of Jesus choosing to enter Jerusalem in a humble fashion (a donkey) as a protest to the misuse of power by the governmental and religious leaders. The children will wave palm branches at the beginning of the worship service and place the palms in the form of a cross at the front of the sanctuary. But this service also represents the stories of passion, or suffering, of Jesus and prepares us for Holy Week.

The children will lead the processional by bringing in the palms and then singing a song led by Valerie, our Music Director. In the weeks leading up to Palm Sunday, Valerie will teach the children the song in Sunday School. If your child can’t attend these Sunday School practices, your child can still bring the palms in and then come sit with you.

Maundy Thursday – Thursday, April 2 ~ 7:30 p.m.

There will be no nursery because Rev. Ginny has created the Maundy Thursday worship service to include people of all ages – especially children. The focus will be the story of communion. Please bring your family and enjoy worship in a creative way for Maundy Thursday!

Good Friday – Friday, April 3 ~ 7:30 p.m.

We are doing something new for the Good Friday service on April 3 at 7:30. Rev. Rita will be leading a sort of “children’s church” concurrent with Rev. Ginny’s service in the sanctuary. The death of Jesus is a difficult topic to discuss with kids, especially when we as a church are not really into the “blood atonement” view.

Rev. Rita will be talking with the kids about why it is that someone who preaches love and peace – like Jesus, like Martin Luther King, and others – would end up being killed. Why are some people hateful about a message of love and peace? What kind of courage does it take to stand up to that kind of hatred and not respond in kind? And how does the story of Jesus teach us that love is more powerful than hate, even if the “good guy” gets killed?

The worship service for adults may feel like anything but “good,” because it is so somber. Good is the Old English for “God.” This service reminds us that God is with us even in the darkest moments of life – such as the death of Jesus himself. The sanctuary is stripped of all banners and color. The altar table will have 7 black taper candles representing the story of Jesus’ arrest, trial, crucifixion, and burial. As the story is retold, each light will be extinguished representing the light of God being extinguished among us. By the end of the service, we will sing “Were You There” as we walk out to the cross in the prayer garden and pause in silence. We will leave the service in silence from the prayer garden to observe the death of Jesus.

Nursery care will be provided.

Easter Sunday – Sunday, April 5 ~ 10:00 am

This is the day of joy and celebration as our children bring their Easter baskets, the Easter lilies adorn the sanctuary, our musicians provide triumphant music to celebrate the new life of God’s love in the resurrection story of Jesus Christ! All are invited to attend and bring your family as we worship together. We will receive the sacrament of Communion on this holy day as well.

Rev. Rita will be leading the Sunday School/Children’s Church on Easter Sunday. We expect that there will be a LOT of kids present that day, so if any willing adults feel moved to forego celebrating Easter in the sanctuary, and instead want to help celebrate with the kids, Rev. Rita would greatly appreciate the assistance! There will also be an Easter Egg Hunt for all the children after worship, so make sure your child brings an Easter egg basket!