Garden Gab

So far this year, we have delivered 321 pounds of produce to the NAM food pantry. That is honorable though far short of our average of 1000 pounds by this time of year. Right now, plenty of garden beds are up for adoption. Only three of the raised beds are planted, two with black eye peas as a cover crop. The peas put nitrogen into the soil and produce peas for food. A third bed is planted with sweet potatoes which will be ready for harvest soon. A fourth bed has been planted in okra but only about 8 plants have come up to compete with the bountiful weeds in that bed. The remainder of the raised beds are all covered with cardboard (later to be black plastic sheeting) to control weeds. They are still available for planting, only needing the cardboard removed. The 75 foot bed between the fruit trees is planted in yard-long beans. Without them, we would not have fresh produce for the pantry.

The fruit trees are getting a good weeding and ring extension. This means that the mulched ring around each tree is being enlarged to prevent flooding of the trees during rainy times. This is hard work and slow going for one person. Mary D. has helped some, but weeds grow faster than a person can remove them. Judy Walden has managed to complete two trees so far, with only 13 trees remaining.

With interest in the garden diminishing, the fruit trees might be our future produce for the pantry.

We are still seeking a coordinator for the garden. To help with the garden, contact Judy Walden.

Never say die,