NAM Garden Produce Reaches 456 Pounds

Plymouth United Church has delivered 456 pounds of produce to the NAM food pantry so far this year. Thanks so much to all those who dug, raked, planted, weeded, harvested and transported harvests to the hungry in our community.

Black eye peas did not wait. I returned from vacation to find that they could not go one more day without being harvested. So with Barbara Moore’s help, we harvested 29 pounds of black eye peas for the NAM pantry. More harvesting is needed but will be gradual over the next few weeks.


Fall leaves are desperately needed to put raised beds to bed for the winter and/or mulching fall plantings. We are seeking volunteers interested in planting onions (Around beginning of November) and asparagus. Yes, asparagus. We have not grown asparagus to my knowledge. But with Rev. Kristin’s urging and some research, I have found some varieties suitable for our subtropical climate. So asparagus starts are on order. Anyone wanna play??

The need for help in ringing the fruit trees continues. Fruit trees will be long-term providers of food for the pantry. So, with some heavy effort up front, we can assure the continuation of the Plymouth NAM Garden for years to come. Any help with this project is gratefully appreciated.

We are still seeking a coordinator for the garden. To help with the garden, contact Judy Walden –