Plymouth NAM Garden Produces 419 Pounds of Food

This year’s production from the NAM Garden so far totals 419 pounds. I wish to give a great big thank you to all who helped with this long-time Plymouth ministry.

Black eye peas are ready for harvest. Our volunteer tiller, Dale H., planted them mainly to enrich the soil but they are also harvestable. For the next few weeks, anyone willing and able to harvest the peas please let Judy Walden know. There will be some training because we are planning to pick them before they mature, to be used for snap beans. When the black eye peas are done producing, their two beds will join the other beds that have been retired for the winter – unless someone steps up to plant a fall crop.

The next step in retiring the raised beds is to replace the cardboard weed block with black plastic mulch and/or fall leaves. Each fall, everyone is encouraged to bring your raked leaves and pine needles to the garden. Just drop them off beside the scout road. We also pick up as many bagged leaves as we can, during the fall, in nearby neighborhoods just before trash pickup. Everyone is invited to help with this endeavor.

There is one last big garden project that needs help. We are in the process of building concrete block lined rings around each fruit tree to prevent flooding and to better manage weeds. One ring has been completed, three rings started, and eleven not yet started. The first part of each ring is to weed eat and mow down all the tall grass and weeds before the old mulch and weed block can be raked away from each tree. Any help with this project is gratefully appreciated.

We are still seeking a coordinator for the garden. To help with the garden, contact Judy Walden at