Garden Gab

What? You’re Changing The Way We Do The NAM Garden?

Well, maybe just evolving. The NAM garden was created to give “all” produce to NAM. Over the years, it has served many other missions by providing: Fellowship, education, creation care (through sustainable practices), opportunities to do God’s work. Given that, we decided we can do an additional job of producing food for NAM by sharing the produce with the volunteers who grow it. The benefits of this expansion are endless and all fit within the missions of Plymouth United Church, UCC. Most importantly, it widens our volunteer pool and gives our garden mission a better chance to continue.

Just recently we had a new family adopt a garden bed – a mother, father, 3 helping children and a 6-month-old!! On Saturday, they finished harvesting the remaining sweet potatoes after our Plymouth kids finished their harvesting session. Urban Harvest, of which Plymouth is a member, sends us individuals who are interested in getting experience growing food. Usually, they are preparing to start a garden at home or at their school. They learn how to begin, what to plant, how to prepare the soil, get coaching and any kind of needed support. This family is so excited to be working with us that they plan to garden on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

In case you are not aware, here is what is involved in adopting a NAM garden bed: The volunteer(s) commits to being responsible for the bed including planting, fertilizing, weeding, and harvesting. Plymouth offers the support of: A designated bed or spot, all supplies including fertilizer, tools, gloves, training/information, drip irrigation, and coaching.

So, what happens to the produce? The volunteer adopting a bed may take home enough produce to supply their family. The remainder of the produce is given to the NAM Choice Pantry through Plymouth. This is a win/win proposition. Plymouth members and community neighbors grow their own food and also do service work by feeding God’s sheep.

What do you think? How would you like to participate in the adopt-a-bed, raise and take home fresh vegetables and donate the rest to NAM? It’s another call to action, for which Plymouth has been richly blessed.