Garden Gab: Clean Up In Progress!

In case you haven’t noticed, much of that debris that was hanging around the NAM garden and orchard has disappeared. Yes, we’re cleaning it up. Yes, we are in the process of building a new shed, which everyone knows makes a mess. But, we are trying to not be an eyesore. Some disarray is unavoidable during demolition and construction projects – you’ve seen those signs many times at stores and restaurants that say (“Pardon Our Mess. This Area Under Construction”).

Please be patient and know we are doing our best to keep it under control, especially if you help us. Some of us are doing double and triple time trying to garden and build at the same time. Extra hands are always welcome.

With the change in how the NAM garden operates (see 10/8/15 Thursday’s Thoughts for specifics), we will have fall gardens. The leaf-deterrent cardboard is disappearing. Beds are being tilled, fertilized and amended, getting ready for the first crop of community gardeners. Will you be one?

If interested in participating in any way in the garden and/or orchard, contact Judy Walden at for information and instruction.