NAM Garden News

Slow but steady progress continues in the Plymouth NAM garden. A bounty of fall and winter leaves continues to be available through springtime, so we are still making progress collecting and spreading leaves for mulch, mostly in the orchard right now. Sugar peas are done so we are preparing a bed or two for sweet potatoes. Our community gardener, Liz, gives almost all of her produce to NAM so is basically a garden volunteer. The potato crop is looking really good and I have high hopes that the Plymouth kids will have a bounty of potatoes to harvest in a couple of months. Our other community gardener, Dale, raised the soil level in one of the beds and planted tomatoes and peppers. He has reattached the water supply from shed construction so that the Boy Scouts and the garden have water again. Asparagus continues to do well. We still have space for community garden plots, so if any of you are interested in planting one, let me know. Lastly, we have little fig trees available, free to anyone who wants them. They are the offspring of our original fig trees, sweet and highly productive.

We are still looking for someone to step up and take the lead in coordinating the NAM Garden Sub-team. Any questions can be directed to Judy Walden,