Garden Update

by Judy Walden

Monday, April 25th, 116 pounds of potatoes, onions, peppers and squash were transported to the NAM Choice Pantry by Mary Bolin.

This is our biggest haul yet in 2016. But our delivery total is still very low compared to other years. Our output will continue to be small until more people step up to participate in this ministry. You might ask, how does this ministry contribute to God’s work? Some of the many benefits of the NAM Garden ministry at Plymouth include: Fellowship with others who do God’s work; preserving the environment with clean sustainable growing techniques; educating all who have ears to hear and eyes to see about sustainable, earth-friendly growing methods; witnessing the miracle of God’s creation in growing plants and living creatures who help and hurt the (balance out) cycle of life; and teaches children (and adults) where our food comes from. Many adults have no idea where a potato comes from, what a bean plant looks like, how a carrot is produced. For me, the garden ministry allows me to witness the miracle of life and the rewards of clean, hard labor.


Offspring of the Celeste Fig trees that have occupied the Plymouth garden area for years are available for adoption. This variety of fig is also known as the sugar fig and produces very sweet, medium-sized figs. If you would like one or more fig trees, 12 to 18 inches tall, contact Judy Walden.