NAM Garden Production Update

by Judy Walden
We are still gardening at a reduced rate and taking modest amounts of produce to the NAM pantry. Today as I weeded and banked soil around the potatoes in preparation for adding leaf mulch, I encountered the occasional golf-ball sized potato. It was a cool day, which is the only reason I was able to work out there. I was reminded a couple of days ago why we are seeking a new garden leader. Hopefully, someone will be called to step up and take over. The orchard is looking really good but some of the trees are not going to bear this year – maybe because of our wacky winter weather or maybe something else. We still continue building concrete block borders to contain mulch and retard weeds. The sugar peas are gone and that bed tilled by our super volunteer, Dale. It is now ready for the arrival of the sweet potato slips, any day now.

Sunday Schoolers, get ready to harvest those potatoes, probably end of May. If you are interested in considering the NAM Garden Team Lead position, please contact the Plymouth Moderator or me, Judy Walden.