Garden Update: Potatoes, Potatoes, Potatoes

This is our weekly garden update. Boy, do we have onions! We don’t have the weight yet – to be reported next week – but we just harvested a lot of onions. We are currently harvesting all kinds of peppers, collards, and one volunteer romaine lettuce head. We have about 50 feet of potatoes – Yukon Gold and Red Lesota – that will mature next month and be ready for our Sunday Schoolers to harvest. We are awaiting sweet potato slips (transplants), which will be put into the ground as soon as they arrive. This may sound like a lot, but it isn’t. Garden production depends upon the NAM Garden Team Leader (could that be you?). As few or as many crops as desired can be planted – and depends on interest, on will power, time and number of volunteers.

Missions and Outreach would like to increase our yield this year over last year’s small contribution of 475 pounds to the NAM food pantry. We have produced and donated up to 2500+ pounds in the past 4 years. But that is entirely up to the Team Leader (could that be you?).