Garden Update: Sweet Potatoes Love Rain

by Judy Walden

The NAM Garden sustained multiple downpours in the last two weeks – thankfully, that is slowing down. We continue to plant sweet potato slips (starts) as we have time between rains and so many other duties and service tasks. Thankfully, sweet potato plants love all this rain and wet. They are doing better than I have ever experienced getting established. I am thankful for our community volunteers, Dale Hudson who tills for us and Liz who helps me maintain and plant the reduced crops in the garden. Our regular garden volunteer, Mary Davis, is away caring for her mother out of state. Her absence is strongly felt. We continue to send small amounts of produce to the NAM food pantry, but we could do so much more with your help.

I invite others to step up and give us an hour or two occasionally to weed and mulch. You can contact me (Judy Walden) to get an assignment. Or would you like to become the new NAM Garden Team leader??

Peace and love to all.