Garden Update

Weeds are relentless. The garden is growing sweet potatoes and okra and also weed grasses. It looks like we never clean up out there but we do, repeatedly. On Friday, it was Plymouth’s turn to mow, which was done by Jan A. and Sharon L. Not only did they mow the Plymouth grounds, they mowed areas around the garden. Anyone interested in helping to complete the job? We need folks who are willing to spend a couple of hours during a time of week/day of your choice to complete the cleanup of the garden area. All help greatly appreciated.

Figs are still producing. Faster than we can pick. When I delivered another 13 pounds Friday, It was reported to me by the NAM pantry volunteers that our figs are a great hit. We now package figs in cardboard (not plastic) egg cartons – so keep those egg carton donations coming. This helps with the display and choosing of these delightful and healthy morsels by the pantry clients. We also finally learned at what stage to harvest so that the figs make it to the pantry and have a couple of days to ripen, which they do VERY fast. If any of you want to sample our figs, help yourselves. We can’t harvest and deliver them all, and it is better they don’t go to waste.

Though Mary B. delivers pantry produce (when we have it) to the pantry on Mondays and Tuesdays, produce like figs can’t wait. When they are ready, they need to be delivered – soon… if you are interested in helping to deliver pantry produce Wed., Thurs. or Fri., contact Judy Walden and she’ll set you up. You might need to harvest those figs first.