Garden Update – A Figgy Time of Year

by Judy Walden

Fig season has started. And we need help! Please save and bring your cardboard egg cartons to church for fig harvesting. Then, if you are able to help harvest figs, please contact Judy Walden – and let her know. Harvesting figs is not very difficult but it is hot out there. Late evening is an ideal time to harvest because the humidity is lower and the temp is lower.

Monday, we took 7 pounds of figs to the NAM pantry and a pound of other produce. Total produce sent so far is 199.5 pounds. Sweet potatoes are loving this summer and by mid-August, one bed will be ready for harvest. Part of that bed is reserved for our Sunday schoolers. Ms Barbara will be arranging a harvest hour for them.

Another bed adopted! The Woolseys have teamed up with friend Nathan and family to farm a bed. We still have beds available. Also, remember we are still looking for someone to take over coordination of the NAM/Community Garden. We already have church and community volunteers who help in the garden. Contact any Council member or Missions and Outreach co-chairs or Judy Walden.