Garden Update

The garden is being overrun by tall grass and weeds. We are working feverishly to knock it back but can’t keep up. Thank you to the Maurices for help with this aspect of the garden! Can anyone else help? Figs are wasting. We have transported about 20 pounds to the pantry but more go to waste than are used. They need to be picked every other day and put in the vegetable crisper in the bottom of the refrigerator at Plymouth. Mary B. will take them to NAM pantry on Mondays and Tuesdays.

So far this year, we have taken about 211 pounds of produce to the pantry. That much has also been wasted for lack of attention. On a brighter note, we will have pounds and pounds of sweet potatoes for the pantry after harvesting by the Sunday school toward the end of next month. Of course, the kids won’t be able to harvest all of them so we will need sweet potato harvesters next month.

Still looking for someone to take over coordination of the garden. Please contact Judy Walden if interested –