NAM Garden – It’s That Time of Year

by Judy Walden
It’s time to begin preparations for the NAM Fall garden. Our faithful and extraordinary volunteer, Dale H., not only tills our beds for us but he has been doing most of the planting. Plymouth has 7 raised beds available for planting. We have not been planting them all during the past couple of years for lack of interested gardeners. But they are available. Anyone wishing to plant a fall garden, please come join us. Dale has purchased seeds to begin preparing transplants. Instead of purchasing transplants for a large cost, we will make our own by planting seeds in little pots to give the vegetables a start before being placed in the beds. Planned vegetables are: cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, turnips… Anyone interested in helping to plant the seeds in pots is very welcome to join us. Contact Judy Walden, if interested. We will also be preparing seed tapes for carrots. Our garden produces beautiful carrots, so it would be a shame not to plant them. But we need help.

We could also use some help harvesting the second half of the sweet potato bed. We harvested 30 pounds of usable potatoes from the first half of the bed. Anyone willing to help with this task, please contact Judy. And remember, we still need a new garden leader to coordinate the NAM garden.