NAM Garden: Have You Noticed The Beautiful Cabbages?

The NAM garden is growing! Yes, we have cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower and will soon have onions planted in the garden. We could use a little help. We have an unused bed or two that needs to be covered in thick leaves and pine needles so it can rest without growing weeds. We have a bed that has tall weeds growing among unharvested summer sweet potatoes. There are probably no usable potatoes in there, but hey, you never know. We could use help clearing out this bed and either covering it up for the winter, or replanting. Possible crops for planting now are: carrots, cucumbers, peas (including snow and snap), swiss chard, summer squash (yes, according to some), cantaloupe, lettuce, and kale.

Also, the orchard is still producing. We have figs (go fig-ure), oranges and lemons. Apples and plums are blooming – pray for a cold snap to send them into dormancy!

So, the temperatures are cooler and nicer to work in the garden. Come on out and get involved!
Judy Walden, Garden Supporter