Plymouth Has a Little Free Library!

What’s that?   It’s a national movement, for one thing.  To learn more about the movement, go to

Plymouth’s Little Free Library, approved by Council, was donated by and will be maintained by Ruth and Bob Noonan. The actual housing for the Library was constructed by Judy Walden with some help from David Glass, who spent most of his donated time to help build our new shed.  Our Little Free Library includes books in English and Spanish for children from Ruth and Bob, with more books available when needed, including books for adults if desired.  Anyone will be allowed to borrow or take books without recording the use – this is on the honor system.  Books are better in a readers’ hands than sitting on a shelf, so book loss is not a worry.  There will be plenty of replacement books.  We will also accept donations, but books will be screened for appropriateness.  The Library and its location (northeast next to the parking lot) are included on a national registry of Free Libraries.  It was a wedding gift to Ruth and Bob and will have a nametag so designating that, since that is how it is carried on the National Registry of Free Libraries.