It’s Time to Move Into the New Shed!!

Let’s Get Together on Saturday, March 18th to Move Into the New Shed!!



Well… we finally made it.  Plymouth’s new storage and garden shed is finally ready for occupation.  A few construction tasks still need to be completed but those can proceed while we occupy the building.   Our new shed has three security lights outside, on the north, east and south walls.  A fourth will be added on the west (back side) if deemed necessary.   We have 4 LDC overhead lights inside and outlets, both internal and external – 2 outside and several inside.   So this shed is bigger and way more functional than the old one.  Thank you so much Scott Matthew for funding this project for Plymouth.  It’s been a long time coming.

When:  Saturday, March 18th has been chosen as “move-in” day.  Start time will be 9 A.M. and go throughout the day until finished.  Come and go as you are able.

Who:  You and your kids!  We need all the helping hands we can get.  If you have as little as an hour, we need you.  If you have more time available to lend a hand, that would be awesome.

What are the tasks?  Remove all Plymouth equipment and supplies from the boy scout shed, sort that for what to keep and what to toss, and place keepers in the new shed on temporary work benches and shelves.  We will also remove old, rotting wood pieces, containers and debris from the garden/orchard area.  This will involve cutting some longer wood pieces into disposable sizes and dismantling a rotting light-weight picnic table.  We will provide some electric saws, but could use more.  Lastly, we would like to move the heavier picnic table to the event area at the east side of the church.  This will require several strong men to move it, or… dismantling it and reassembling it in the new location.

Cold drinks and refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

A great time (a blast really) will be had by all.