Plymouth is Hiring!

Position Description

The Music Director at Plymouth United Church is a quarter time position (10 hours/week). The Music Director reports directly to the Senior Pastor of Plymouth United Church. Together the Pastor and the Music Director seek to spiritually uplift, engage, challenge, and comfort the congregation through leading them in worship, praise, prayer, and other rites.

The position includes the following:

  • Playing piano/keyboard for Sunday worship services, including accompanying and vocally leading congregational singing, accompanying and leading the choir, providing interlude music when needed, and providing pre and post service selections.
  • Organizing music (choir and congregational) for Sunday service as well as any seasonal extra services such as Christmas Eve, Maundy Thursday, etc. This may include organizing other musicians when appropriate/desired.
  • Organize and lead choir rehearsals on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings before service begins.
  • Organize and lead chime choir. Rehearsals are usually held after service on Sunday and/or on Wednesday evenings.
  • Organize special music, i.e. vocalists and other musicians and practice with them as needed.
  • Arrange with the pastor for any substitutes needed.
  • Attend Worship Team meetings after service on Sunday, generally once/month.
  • Meet weekly with the pastor to discuss worship themes, choir music, and the like for Sunday service and seasonal holiday services.
  • Assist, with the Pastor, Worship Team, and Treasurer, in coordinating CCLI number for the church annually.

Other beneficial attributes of the Music Director include:

  • Progressive theology, which includes but is not limited to using inclusive language for The Divine.
  • Having a sense of fun as well as a serious side.
  • The ability and desire to use music to interpret and lift up Plymouth’s “Four Voices” of Progressive Theology, Social Justice, LGBT Acceptance, and Contemplative Spirituality.

Compensation for the Music Director includes:

  • Financial remuneration, paid twice monthly, of $250.00 per week.
  • 2 weeks paid time off per calendar year. This can be used for vacation, PTO, or sick leave.
Anyone wanting to apply would need to send their resume to Rev. Mak Kneebone at the following email: