Tween Time This Sunday at 9 am

Tween Time is for students in the 5th through 8th grades. We meet in the Youth Room at 9:00 Sunday mornings. Students are dismissed in time to join their families for the 10:00 worship service. This week I thought we could compare the food and the material goods a middle class U.S. family eats and has to the food and material goods a middle class family in India eats and has. Remember, Puru, the Tween in India? We have only sent him one letter. Discussing Christmas and New Year’s with him would be fun, but we need to be sensitive to what a child in a poor family in India has. So we’ll look at the differences between middle class families here and there and remember that Puru’s family has much less than middle class families in India have. How could we talk about our dinners and gifts in ways that won’t make his special dinner and gift(s) seem like not much?

Then we have a challenge! There is a poster in the Youth Room that uses the word he or him to talk about God. Pastor Mak has challenged us to come up with a poster that discusses God using she or her to talk about God. I have a list of scriptures that use female pronouns to discuss God. Let’s look at the list, find a favorite verse from that list and then discuss what types of pictures or colors the poster should have. There is a web site that we can use to design a poster for free! I’ll take care of getting the poster made.

Our game with week will be Human Knots. I will NOT tell you any more about that game until I see you Sunday!