Tween Time This Sunday at 9 am

Tween time is for students in the fifth through eighth grades. We meet in the Youth room at 9:00. Students are dismissed in time to meet their families for the 10:00 worship service.

As in Advent, when we went inward to prepare to go outward with Christmas and Epiphany, in Lent we again go inward – in preparation. In the first two Sundays of Lent, Mark, brilliantly succinct, reveals the preparation Jesus experienced. During the next three Sundays John adds shimmering lights on Jesus’ ministry before we plunge into the Crucifixion, where we watch, from wherever we are, what Jesus must go through in order to give us Easter. These six vignettes invite us to take a closer look at the choices we are making in our lives and what we might choose to jettison, correct, or add.

This week we will review what we learned about Lenten practices last year- fasting, almsgiving and prayer. Then we will discuss the possibility of adding something to your life as a Lenten practice that helps you to draw closer to God.

Our game will be Broken Heart in honor of Valentine’s Day.

I’ll look for you Sunday!