Tween Game Social on Friday March 30

Hello Parents of Plymouth’s Tweens!

There will be a game social on Friday, March 30th. It will run from 3:30 to 5:30. This will eliminate any extra trips to the church for Tweens who will be part of the Good Friday mime service. As a social, this event is open to all of Plymouth’s Tweens including those who do not attend Tween Time. There will be two adults present at all times during the social. We will be playing The Solo Cup Olympics. While the games will not be as difficult as those we recently saw from Pyeongchang, we hope they will cause a lot of laughter!

Pam Bryson will stay until the adults preparing for the mimes arrive at Plymouth or until the last tween not staying to put on mime make up is picked up by a parent. Please watch your emails for permission slips.