Tween Time This Sunday at 9 am

Wow! I sure missed EVERYBODY last Sunday!

Tween time is for students in the fifth through eighth grades. We meet in the Youth Room at 9:00. Students are dismissed in time to join their families for the 10:00 worship service.

This week our game will be Spring Cleaning. How fast are you at getting your things sorted and out away? We’ll find out Sunday!

We will review the events that took place during Holy Week. After the review there will be a Tween choice between two Holy Week activities. The hidden picture stories that you have been doing during Lent should help jog your memory.

Jesus continues the preparation of his followers. The hour has almost arrived for “the Son of Man to be glorified.” Whatever could he mean, his disciples wonder? So Jesus selects a concrete image, one they will all have experienced: a grain of wheat – apparently lifeless – yet falling into the earth and dying, bears much fruit. The paradox: those who love their life lose it. Whoever serves Jesus, must follow Jesus. And as Jesus accepts what is to come, the voice again is heard. The crowd thinks it is thunder, the disciples perhaps hear God assuring Jesus that God is being glorified by Jesus. And once again Jesus assures us that when he is lifted up from the earth he will draw all people to himself. The disciples shook their heads. We are still unpacking the power of this message.

I will look for you Sunday!