Tween Time This Sunday at 9 am

Tween Time is for students in the fifth through eighth grades. We meet in the Youth Room at 9:00 Sunday mornings. Tweens are dismissed in time to join their families for the 10:00 worship service. This week our game will be The Ball Game. This will help you stretch your thinking muscles for the upcoming Solo Cup Olympics (on March 30th from 3:30-5:30). Yes, The Ball Game involves cups.

Abundance, not scarcity. The costliest of ointments poured out for Jesus. A man carrying a jar of water – work usually reserved for women – shows the way to the Passover meal. Pilate may have had generosity as one of his motives in offering the crowd Jesus’ release, but they choose Barabbas; and so Jesus is crucified. The words pierce us across the centuries. A soldier who had stood guard exclaims: “Truly this man was a son of god.” This conviction continues to penetrate our souls, creating a space to house the incredible news of Easter.

This Sunday we will look at a 3-D map of Jerusalem and plot out where the events of Holy Week and Easter actually happened. We will put pictures over the areas that match the Bible stories of Holy Week.