Tween Time This Sunday at 9 am

Tween Time is for students in the fifth through eighth grades. We meet in the youth Room at 9:00. Students are dismissed in time to join their families for the 10:00 worship service. It’s Pentecost! Remember to wear your red to church! Pentecost in the birth of the Christian church. This week our lesson will be on two accounts: one from the Gospel of John and the other from Acts of the Apostles. The promised Advocate comes and those who cowered in fear now burst forth from their prisons with a message that can be understood in any language. The message: God is for everyone and anyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. We are still unpacking this message today as we peek out from the prisons we find ourselves hiding within.

Our game this week will be a computer game called Paper Toss. See how well you can get crumpled paper into the trash can with an oscillating fan blowing from where you must throw the paper.

I will look for you Sunday!