Tween Time ~ Sundays at 9am

Tween Time is for students in the fifth through eighth grades. We met in the Youth Room at 9:00. Students are dismissed in time to join their families for the worship service at 10:00.  Lent is not about good guys or bad guys, but rather about turning your life around so you are ready to meet God. It is about feeding our souls with the good, nurturing ourselves so we will produce good things, and turning over the soil of our lives so we can begin again and again.

Why do people give things up for Lent? Do you have to give things up for Lent to observe Lent? Is Lent in the Bible? Come to Tween Time to learn what some of your friends have been talking about for Lent.

Our game will be Fortified Fortress. Will your fortress withstand the attack from the other team? Come with your thinking caps on!

I’ll look for you Sunday!

Parents, next Sunday is the fifth Sunday in March and we will NOT have Tween Time so that the Youth Champions can train together.