Tween Time – Sunday at 9am

Tween Time is for students in the fifth through eighth grades. We meet in the Youth Room at 9:00. Students are dismissed to join their families for the 10:00 worship service.  This week our scripture passage will be John 21:1-19.  Thinking their ministry days were over, the fishermen went back to what they knew: fishing. But they caught nothing all night. In the depth of their discouragement they hear a call from the shore, “Try the other side.” Abundance. And who is that on the shore, standing by the charcoal fire he made in anticipation of the fish?

Our game will be the puzzle Sheep-Fish.  You will be given some shapes to form into a fish using all the pieces, and then you will rearrange all the pieces to make a sheep.  The first one to figure it out wins!

I’ll look for you Sunday!