Plymouth’s Identity Statement

We celebrate that everyone deserves a house of God to call their own and to perceive the voice of God at every gathering. We value the opportunity to question our beliefs and to seek the presence of God in our daily lives. We strive to be an extravagant voice for love and acceptance and to enrich and serve our wider community.


Our Four Voices


Progressive Theology

The belief that each person can think, question, and form their own understanding of God.

An openness to God, church, and creation that stretches the traditional understanding beyond dogma, doctrine, or creed.

An awareness through study, reflection, and dialogue that the traditional forms of understanding God may not fit our 21st century enlightened minds and hearts.

Referring to God in inclusive language.


Contemplative Spirituality 

Provide resources and opportunities for a deeper search for the spiritual in our personal and communal lives.

Create spiritual growth through contemplative ways of experiencing God.

Encourage people to deepen their relationship with God in their everyday lives through silence, readings, and worship.

Integrate the church building into opportunities for contemplative spirituality such as building an outdoor labyrinth and creating bird feeders to connect us to God in nature.


LGBTQIA+ Acceptance

Publicly welcoming those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) into the full body of Plymouth United Church.

Provide safe space for those who are LGBT through overt and subtle ways – respecting the need for some to remain private about who they are because of family and/or occupational needs.

Advocate and educate the wider community regarding the unjust discrimination and violence directed toward those who are LGBT.

Serve as a voice of compassion in the wider community for those who are LGBT and their families.


Social Justice

Serve those who have the least in the wider community through already existing ministries within the church and wider community.

Educate and dialogue amongst ourselves about the injustices enacted around us in our community, state, nation, and world.

Financially support those organizations that serve the least of these in our community, state, nation, and world.

Work toward changing the institutional and intellectual structures that enable injustice and discrimination to continue.


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