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NAM Garden

Helping Our Community

The Bob and Muriel Williams NAM Community Garden provides fresh, organically-grown produce for the Joan Watford Nutrition Center (a choice food pantry) at Northwest Assistance Ministries (NAM).

In 2014, the garden produced 2531 pounds of fresh vegetables and fruit for clients at NAM.

The NAM Garden also serves as a demonstration garden for Spring and the surrounding community. Through membership and association with Houston’s Urban Harvest, the NAM Garden reaches community members and schools wishing to learn sustainable, environmentally-friendly growing methods for implementation in home gardens and school gardens. Individuals and groups are welcome to visit for instruction and hands-on experience.

The NAM Garden usually has volunteers on Thursday mornings and two Saturday mornings per month. If you want to volunteer, contact Judy Walden to make sure someone will be there to show you around. Email, phone 405-590-7362.

Other volunteer opportunities include: transporting produce to the NAM Joan Watford food pantry, special projects (such as the fall leaf harvest), making signs, and serving on Plymouth’s NAM Garden sub-team to help plan and set projects and goals.

Nam Garden: Get Involved
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