Beauty As Sustenance

I will find beauty It is a treasure I seek Beauty at its core Substantial beauty that I might miss When I only look on the surface In the morning upon rising It is my inspiration After a long day It is a reward for my sometimes tattered heart I will find beauty In the likely places Of nature, friends, and creativity I will seek beauty Especially In the unlikely places I seek this treasure of beauty As my food and drink As my shield against bitterness As my stren

“Spirit Break Out”

Dance – it is my worship method of choice. I don’t get to do it much any more for a number of reasons. Lighting – I have done a little lighting design for dance and much more lighting set-up. But it was years and years ago. Still, it captures my heart and spirit. Music – And essential aspect of my isness. Here is a phenomenal video which brings these three together. I fall in love with God over and over when I see the testimony of God’s creation. I hope you enjoy this beautif

What do you and I need to give away?

My meditation today. What do you and I hold on to that we should give away? Material things? Stuff? Emotional pain? Memories that haunt us? When we give it away who should we give it to? That pain and trauma we hold on to should be given to the ultimate transformer. I call this transformer Love and follow the path of Jesus to be in connection. The good things we have too much of should be given to those who don’t have enough. Here is the song that prompted this meditation. Re