We are delighted that you are considering Plymouth to host your wedding!

The information contained below will explain our policies and schedule of fees as they relate to the use of our facilities for your wedding. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 281-251-8147 or email our office manager, Melanie Connery, at melaniec@plymouthunited.org. Best wishes as you begin the planning process for your special day!

Yes! We deeply believe that there is no difference in our spiritual ceremony for commitment ceremonies and weddings. Therefore, we refer to all commitment ceremonies as weddings.
Yes! As an Open and Affirming Church, we advocate for equal rights for all of God’s children in regard to the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of all people to marry whomever they love.
Yes! We perform weddings for couples who are not members of Plymouth United Church. Please see the fee schedule below.
Plymouth’s sanctuary, as presently arranged, can accommodate marriages with as many as 180 guests (150 in the main sanctuary, 30 in the choir loft). Chairs can be positioned straight across the sanctuary to accommodate up to 205 guests.
Yes, as a co-officiant. Plymouth requires that our pastor also be involved in the wedding service.
Photographers may NOT use flashes when the wedding party begins their walk down the aisle and during the ceremony itself. Flashes may be used at the time in which the “new couple” turns and the pastor introduces them to the audience. Video is allowed as long as the process does not take away from the ceremony. Video may not be taken from the daïs (stage area).
Weddings must utilize one of Plymouth’s sound system coordinators, and this fee is included in the Sanctuary fees listed below. You may negotiate any additional fee for music preparation with the sound system coordinator, as needed. In addition, wedding participants may elect to work with Plymouth’s pianist; this fee would be determined after a meeting has been held between the participants and the pianist.
Yes! Plymouth’s Church Liaison will coordinate with you for the usage of our facilities after we have received your deposit and reserved your wedding date.

Schedule of Fees

Type Members Non-Members
Sanctuary* $450 $575
Fellowship area/Kitchen (optional)** $200 $250
Pastor’s Fee*** $250 $250

*Sanctuary usage consists of one rehearsal prior to the wedding and the wedding ceremony. This fee includes fees for the services of the church liaison, sound system coordinator, and custodian.

**Fellowship area/kitchen usage includes fees for custodial services for the fellowship area/kitchen.

***Pastor’s fee consists of one meeting with the Pastor, one wedding rehearsal, and the service.

Fifty percent of the payment is due at the time of the reservation, and the balance is due two weeks prior to the event. If the event is cancelled at any time within thirty days of the scheduled date, a cancellation fee of $100 will be assessed and taken from the deposit.

Additional Regulations

Smoking is prohibited at all times inside the church building.

Alcohol cannot be served in any church facility.

Children and youth must have adult supervision at all times while using the church facilities.