Moving Forward What does it mean to move forward? Whatever it means, it takes equal parts grace and will; equal parts faith and works. Going forward isn’t simply picking yourself up by your bootstraps and doing what you think you have to do. There’s a time for that kind of response, but I think it’s a temporary thing. There are lots of ways to go forward. Whether we take a micro step or a quantum leap we are still moving. Sometimes moving f

What do you and I need to give away?

My meditation today. What do you and I hold on to that we should give away? Material things? Stuff? Emotional pain? Memories that haunt us? When we give it away who should we give it to? That pain and trauma we hold on to should be given to the ultimate transformer. I call this transformer Love and follow the path of Jesus to be in connection. The good things we have too much of should be given to those who don’t have enough. Here is the song that prompted this meditation. Re